My first blog was launched in 2004. I was 18 years old, and had no idea about the time and energy it takes to consistently produce content. My enthusiasm made up for a lot of deficits in my knowledge. I had learned the basics of HTML at age 12, and was as close to being a digital native as the era would allow. Here I am, 17 years later, and starting another blog. This time, instead of encapsulating my personal life, I’m hoping to explore topics and themes related to my professional life.

I’m a librarian by profession. I currently manage a team of ten librarians for a busy suburban library. I value thought leadership, and work hard to reflect on the nature of our work and the synergy that can be created by learning lessons from across the organizational spectrum: private, non-profit, and government sectors.

I hope to use this blog as a repository of my thoughts on librarianship, leadership, management, and my abiding interest in technology. I’m currently working on several tech projects that I’d like to document and share.