I wanted to share some links to my other writings that I’ve produced lately. The first was a guest post for LIS Mental Health. I’m really glad to see the LIS Mental Health project continue. It’s really important to have support networks to keep us connected and discuss mental health issues. The challenges of the library field are unique; having friends and acquaintances who recognize these challenges and the mental health toll is helpful.

Invisible Disabilities and an Inclusive Library Workplace

I’ve also written a couple of guest posts for the Soutron Global blog. I’m a huge fan of Soutron. They have a top-notch team and they were always super responsive when my library had them as an ILS vendor. I’m grateful they invited me to guest post on topics of interest to special libraries.

3 Keys to Successful Library Partnerships

Why Your Library Should Have a Strategic Plan

As I continue to split my writing between this blog and these other avenues, I’ll likely drop down the frequency I’m posting here. I’m unsure what my schedule will look like; I want to continue writing as I find topics of interest.

A few weeks ago I was invited to participate on a podcast project by Anna Au, a researcher and PhD candidate from Germany. I had a lot of fun participating in the recording process; I’ll post the link to the finished product when it drops at the end of April. For now, you can follow the project as new episodes drop.

Between the Stacks: A Podcast About Library People

I’m also working on another podcast appearance next month; I’ll post here again when that is available, too! Thanks for reading; I’m really pleased with how many people have chosen to follow my posts here.